The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Kyle: “I am so bored, give me a film to watch tonight”

Yondu: “Go Watch they Se7en”

Doug: “Hey Kyle, guess what I found this 3 hour movie I think you would like”

Armit: *Any film made before 1980*

Kyle: “Doug I am not watching a 3 hour movie”


Brother Nature: “Kyle when have ever given you a bad recommendation, remember ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Road House,’ you should go watch Millers Crossing”

Colin: “I don’t know”

Charlie: *Says something irrelevant to the conversation*

Kyle: *Extremely Overwhelmed with what everyone is recommending him*

Mas: *I got accepted to film school and I can not stay up till 12am to tell Kyle what movies to watch since his soul can not be helped* (I doubt Mas is thinking about this but he is never here anymore so I thought I would be nice enough to include him)

Doug: “How about-“

Kyle: “I am going to stop you right there I am not watching a movie over 2 hours”

Travis: “You probably should just listen to Doug he has really good film taste, and I am also watching The Godfather 2 tomorrow”

Kyle: “Tell me if it is good”

Travis: “Just go watch it.”

Yondu: *Sleeping because he is tired of my bullshit and just wants me to watch the Se7en*

Kyle: *Maybe I should just watch Anime*

Yeah I did not know how to properly talk about this masterpiece of film so I just thought I would give a rundown of what my conversations are like when I do not know what to watch in the night. But Happy Birthhday to literally one of my fav people on Letterboxd: DOUG! (Like the Nickelodeon show!)

Recommend me a film: Here

Edit: Also for anyone who cares, that anime part was not a joke if your wondering why I have been gone for like 4 days I have been watching Food Wars, which is like the best anime ever.