Midnight in Paris ★★★★


Maybe it's my own baggage that leads me to embrace this film so heartily on sight—some of my very favorite dreams are ones where I know the people whom I have admired from afar, because there's some kind of great validation in having someone you appreciate and being their colleague, their equal, or even their friend. And on that note, Midnight in Paris is uniquely strong at creating the environment of those great fantasies, the dreams which are so good and rich and warm that you never want to leave them. Even the cornball nature of it all—from the unironic parts of its over-romanticizing to its all-too-neat ending—works in its own respect, because it bathes in an even better glow, a firm reminder that there needn't be a fantasizing of what could have been if you can make the most out of your present. And right now, as I finally come around to seeing this movie at this particular time, that's something I needed to hear.