Saw V

Saw V ★★

I kinda love how needlessly convoluted this franchise has become. The timeline is all over the place for no reason at all but it's also the traps themselves. It went from cut off your foot with a hacksaw to escape to there's a machine right with some big buzz saws that needs 10 pints of your blood or you will die, but don't worry losing 10 pints of blood will probably kill you anyway. If it were me, with that logic just don't do it.. take the slightly less painful death pal.
This was not a good film by any stretch of the imagination but it's easily the most enjoyable one since the second film due to pure stupidity. Might be that this franchise has killed so many of my braincells that I'm just okay with it now, but this only bored me about 50% of the time rather than 99% of it.
Sad that there wasn't an ill fitting pop punk banger in the credits this time though :(