Signs ★★★½

Watching this was weird for me because the whole time I was expecting that trademark M. Night Shyamalan plot twist and it just sort of ended and I felt like there was none.
It's only thinking about it now, some time after the credits have rolled, that I realised maybe it has one of the cleverest Shyamalan plot twists by not really having one. At least not a traditional one, there's a subtle one that I won't spoil but you have to use your brain to get it and I appreciated that a lot. When it ended I wasn't really sure if I liked it or not in a similar way to Glass but like that film it only gets better when you let it stew in your head a bit. If you're expecting a complex sci fi alien invasion story then honestly lower those expectations because it will end in disappointment, but if you go in expecting a drama about a family dealing with the idea of that and a man who begins to lose faith as a result then I think you'll be satisfied.
It's no The Sixth Sense that's for sure but it's easily on the higher end of Shyamalan's filmography.