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  • Donovan's Reef

    Donovan's Reef


    Ford presents an alternative picture of what a multicultural society could be like. This is not the American immigrant experience, or the melting pot. It's a society that welcomes outsiders with warmth and song. Harmony there doesn't require assimilation. A peaceful solidarity built through shared struggle against an occupying army. An economy operating more on mutual aid than competition. The governor and police officer seem like afterthoughts.

    The central dilemma of the story comes because the expats know the incoming…

  • Jet Pilot

    Jet Pilot


    Not a spy thriller. It's a lighthearted cold war romantic comedy with stunning technicolor images. I was sold by the playfulness of the first scene between Leigh and Wayne. Is it true Hughes hired Nicholas Ray for reshoots? In many of Leigh's close ups Von Sternberg casts expressive shadows across her face as he had with Marlene Dietrich, especially outside the club in palm beach before she sees the massive steak.

    It's cute how they grow more intimate up in…

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  • Inferno



    Wish I'd been able to see it IN 3D!

    Fun seeing Ryan survival exploits. Redheads in technicolor! Sizzling

  • Kentucky Pride

    Kentucky Pride


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The 70s version would end with the horse being shot.

    In Ford's sentimental vision, brutal reality is a lie: the injured filly escapes, the prodigal father returns and is forgiven, Donovan fights off the brutes, the horses are reunited in victory, the children are in love, and all the bets end justly, especially for the cruel second wife and her new partner.

    The world as it should be

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