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  • Welcome to Dongmakgol

    Welcome to Dongmakgol

    [1st Viewing on 17/6/21 at Mubi]

    For an anti-(Korean)war movie, it had quite a banging battle sequence at the end (how did they do this in the play?), which I felt justifies its run time (and not going to lie, the last scene did strum my heartstrings).

  • The Last Man on Earth

    The Last Man on Earth

    [1st Viewing on 17/6/21 at Mubi]

    I haven't watched a pandemic movie since the outbreak of Covid-19, so I figured this was probably a right time to do it. Only to find out that this was the first filmic (of 3) adaptation of the I Am Legend novel (yes, the Will Smith iteration was the latest one). This is probably the closest to the source material which gave rise to the zombie apocalypse as a genre (or premise), and it's…

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  • Classmates Minus

    Classmates Minus

    [1st Viewing on 11/3/21 at Netflix]

    I had wanted to watch The Great Buddha+ but didn't expect to see Huang Hsin-yao making a Netflix film. Admittedly this is my first Hsin-yao film, so I was not sure what to expect.

    While I felt hints of Edward Yang, Huang seems to have created his own distinct style in exploring the idiosyncrasies of southern Taiwanese life, with its unique philosophies through life. The constant awareness of a fourth-wall (and its eventual breaking…

  • Sivas


    [1st Viewing on 27/2/21 at Mubi]

    I know there's a dark coming-of-age story here about growing into the darker side of manhood, only to realize it too late (and the child actor is really good at playing a little bitch), but I couldn't stop thinking about how they filmed the dog fights (the championship fight almost felt like a cop out), and how many (if any) dog doubles they used during production.

    If that isn't obvious enough, content warning for animal violence.