Road House ★★★

So it turns out Road House is dope.

It also seems like halfway through filming they realized their initial thoughts on the target demographic were very off, and pivoted into a bloody revenge action and quickly abandoned the "Tortured Philoso-bouncer trying to come to grips with the past and what it means for his future" thread, and instead just went wild with throat-ripping.

I am not complaining, This immediately became high-tier trash, ripe with explosions, death, fightin' and gunnin'.

Like I said, Road House is kind of dope.

It is strange that this movie does feel like the beginning of the death knell for 80's action flicks, and I suppose it was, to some extent.

I'm not going to let myself get torn up by what this movie could have been, because where it ended up was good enough for me.


On a serious note, the action in this is a ton of fun, the production design (Especially The Double Duece's transition) is a blast, and it's delightfully trashy. I really enjoyed myself.


Did you know that 1989 Sam Elliot was actually pretty hot? Wack.


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