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  • Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film

    Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film


    Nice supplement to the album. Street Lights scene was the highlight.

  • Eega



    Watched for my Insect class. Kind of fun but kind of unbearable.

  • Obsession



    A pretty ridiculous, surface-level copy of Vertigo with an uninspired Cliff Robertson and an odd John Lithgow. The twist was pretty fucked up but the rest of the movie just falls flat. Even Bernard Hermann’s score gets obnoxious and is too derivative of what he did before. I enjoyed De Palma’s later Hitchcock homages in Dressed to Kill and Blow Out much more.

  • Piranha



    OK, it was a lot of fun.

  • The Entity

    The Entity


    An interesting take on the paranormal genre in that it tries to mix the usual disbelief in ghosts with men not believing in women who come forth about sexual assault (it isn't quite successful in how well it handles those elements, however).

    The first half starts out strong but gets repetitious in seeing Carla terrorized over and over again with the same obnoxious, blaring sound playing. The second half ventures more into familiar territory with how it approaches the paranormal…

  • Black Swan

    Black Swan


    Basically a classic now. Had a period where I was a little on the fence about this movie but those dark days have passed. The ending could possibly be the best film ending of the decade.

  • Pigs and Battleships

    Pigs and Battleships


    fuck the Yanks

  • [REC]



    Follows the usual conventions of what you’d expect it to with a found footage horror film, which I guess you’d have to give it credit for in that it did so before the oversaturation of the genre that would follow after that.

    But it’s a simple, effective and entertaining horror film. The last 10 minutes or so is definitely the standout sequence of the film and actually managed to make me jump at certain points.

  • Society



    Wow, was expecting something more gimmicky and something you’d only care about when the horror sequences showed up but it has a great deal of genuine suspense and tension throughout that makes it engaging. Billy Warlock is completely into the role and his character is actually pretty well developed.

    But those last 25 minutes... holy shit. Absolutely batshit crazy. Outstanding effects and just so much wild, carnivalesque, over-the-top craziness that elevates the film to a whole other level. Also just a hilarious satire. An all around fantastic horror movie.

  • Set It Off

    Set It Off


    Okay, I did really like this despite the fact I can admit it’s heavily flawed. The execution can be a bit clunky and feel contrived a lot of the time but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t invested the whole time. And I was pretty damn emotional by the ending. 

    What sells the film the most is the amazing chemistry the four leads have with each other. They are all so interesting and fun to watch, even in scenes where they’re just hanging out.

    Also wasn’t expecting Dr. Dre to play a character but I dug it.

  • New Jack City

    New Jack City


    Overall, a well made take on “rise and fall” gangster films like Scarface (which this film references) and brilliantly set to the Crack epidemic of the 1980’s. Some of the police stuff was a little hokey, especially considering how the film fails to acknowledge or tie in the fact that there were (are) many corrupt cops who play a big role in the spreading of Crack into black communities.

    But overall, a very fine gangster film and finally cool to…

  • Images



    Mesmerizing cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmond. Many shots, especially those on top of the cliff and with the waterfall had me blown away. Susannah York makes the character as compelling as possible however a lot of the drama and horror felt too repetitious after a while, as though we figured out all there was to need to know about what was going in by 30 minutes in. Robert Altman would perfect what he was trying to do in this film with 3 Women.