Ad Astra ★★★★★

A man literally travels across the entire solar system to try to repair his relationship with his father. Such an incredibly small story blown out to the largest possible scale.

Didn't realize I needed that kind of cry today, but it felt nice.

Some scattered thoughts:

-The film is flawed. Wasn't a huge fan of the relationship aspect, and it apparently was reshot and added later on after the first cut of the film due to the studio forcing it (which, once again, shows how dumb studios can be). I also wasn't the biggest fan of the voiceover. Would be interested in seeing a true Director's Cut if one were to ever exist.

-However, I think I can really look past these flaws solely due to the fact I love the vision of the film and the emotional impact the film had on me. I may drop this rating lower over time, but at the moment I feel like I want to see it again and again.

-Space movies just keep getting better and better visually. I swear. The moon was possibly the greatest visualization of what it's like to be on the lunar surface. That transition from the sun-lit side of the moon to the far side of the moon is s e x y as hell.

-Score was pretty good, but honestly wish it had more hans zimmer fainting onto a synth.

-the acting between pitt and jones was absolutely astounding.

-saw this at dolby cinema and it took me until two minutes into the movie to notice one of the projectors was wonky and creating a sort of reflection effect, as in a close up of brad pitt would have a larger, off axis overlay of the same close up of brad pitt. it was bad. I complained 3 times before they finally shut the movie down to fix it. People got mad that they stopped the movie but really paid 20 bucks to sit there and watch a film that looks like a 3d movie without the glasses on for 2 hours? come on people, have some standards!

anyway, to the stars, baby. to the stars.

bonus: this is my 900th film watched!!! cool!

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