Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies ★★★★½

Grave of the Fireflies was the next Studio Ghibli film I was set out to see. Thinking about it now, it might even be my favorite one so far!

I was so mesmerized by this for multiple reasons; the first being that it didn’t feel anything like the other Ghibli movies I watched. I love a good optimistic feel-good movie, but this was something else. Boy, was this upsetting at times. 

This movie was so beautiful yet so heartbreaking. A lot of emotional movies only get you at the end, but this one was making me tear-up since pretty much the very beginning. The pacing was excellent in this, too; as soon as you’d get over one sad event, something else would occur that’d get you right back down. 

That’s not to say this film was only good for making me cry. In terms of storytelling, it was actually extremely well-done. The script was incredible. The look of the movie was very nice, as well. I especially adored the animation and color pallet. The score was noteworthy, too.

One specific thing I loved about the movie was the symbolism, particularly behind the fireflies. In all honesty, I’m still figuring out what they mean. It’s the kind of stuff like this that really draws me into a film, and keeps it in my mind for a long time. 

Grave of the Fireflies was an unforgettable film. It set the bar extremely high for the other Studio Ghibli movies on my watchlist.

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