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  • Amityville: The Awakening

    Amityville: The Awakening


    Yet another new family - including high school Goth cutie Bella Thorne and her invalid twin brother - moves into the infamous house at 112 Ocean Avenue. Naturally, it doesn't take long for all the trademark Amityville boogedy boogedy stuff like swarms of flies, mysterious whispers, etc., etc. to start kicking in. Can Bella convince her Mom (a slumming Jennifer Jason Leigh) that All Is Not Right Here before the house claims them all as victims?
    According to Wikipedia, "Awakening"…

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    Margot "Suicide Squad" Robbie portrays white-trash figure skating queen Tonya Harding in this tongue-in-cheek biopic which details Tonya's rough childhood, her rise to stardom, and the inevitable fall from grace due to her alleged involvement in the now-infamous "Nancy Kerrigan incident."
    Great performances all around, esp. by Alison Janney, who won an Oscar for her turn as Harding's chain-smoking, foul-mouthed mother from Hell. 

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  • Garfield Gets Real

    Garfield Gets Real

    Awkward looking CGI toon with the famed cat accidentally stumbling out of the comic pages and into the "real" world, then trying to find his way back "home." The tone is shrill, the animation sucks and its loaded with annoyingly unfunny new characters. My 7 year old thought it was funny but sitting thru this one will be a chore for anyone older than that.

  • The Fantastic Four

    The Fantastic Four


    Roger Corman's ultra-cheap film version of the Marvel Comics series follows Reed, Johnny, Ben and Sue as they gain their super powers during a failed space mission, then battle the evil Doctor Doom and a subterranean villain called "The Jeweler."

    This flick was made on a shoestring budget and then was shelved permanently, merely so that the producers could maintain their film rights to the FF property. It's never been officially released and I've been wanting to see it for…