Hogfather ★★★½

Part of Keegan's 2015 Christmas Coundown

"You've got to do a big fat laugh, sir. You've got to sound like you're pissing brandy and you're crapping plum pudding, sir... if you'll pardon my Klatchian."

It's a little strange that the first film adaption of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels is based on the 20th entry in his long series, but then again, Hogfather is easily one of the late and great author's best stories. The story, which is essentially Death Saves Christmas, is a fantastic one on paper that is slavishly translated to screen. The long runtime allows this adaptation to be entirely faithful, if not very slow at times. Still, the Pratchett style of wit and humour is ever present, and the spirit of Hogswatch is alive and well. Happy Hogswatch to all, and rest in peace, Sir Terry.