It ★★★★½

"Now I'm going to have to kill this fucking clown."

The Shining. Misery. The Shawshank Redemption. The Mist. Dolores Claiborne. It (2017).

The antithesis of last month's The Dark Tower, Andrés Muschietti's IT is lean, mean, loyal and full of deeper meaning. A wet dream for fans of the novel and a frightfest for common cinemagoers, this metaphor for puberty and facing your fears sucks you in from the opening titles right until the last chilling turn. Never shying away from what made King's work so memorable, and despite only adapting 50% of the novel, IT manages to find a way to slip and slide each essential (and sometimes trivial) beat into place with a natural ease. The cast is stellar, the direction is creative, the narrative flows, and the writing, though occasionally ham-fisted, always has a deeper layer or two.

The only thing that won't be floating your poo (because it's gonna be in your pants).

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