Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★

"Wesker...YOU'RE FIRED!"

How will the world keep spinning with no more Resident Evil movies on the horizon?

A homage to itself, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is (visionary?) director Paul W.S. Anderson's final attempt to convince the world that his wife is capable of more than one facial position. Alas, whilst the series has succeeded thrice in delivering legitimately fun action schlock, The Final Chapter fails miserably. That is to say that Anderson's vision is demolished in editing, massive set-pieces are ruined by jump cuts, scares are lessened by nasty timing and (worst of all) you can't tell what the fuck is happening in every fight scene. This is incredibly strange, as the last two Evil films in particular had some of the most fluent action in all of modern cinema. Perhaps it was budget constraints brought on by the deaths and injuries during production, or perhaps this film was actually ghost-directed by Olivier Megaton.

It's not all awful, however. The last 20 minutes offer the juiciest schlock since Wesker threw his sunglasses in 3D back in 2010, and provided me with enough laughs to last a lifetime. Twists are revealed in horrifying manners, the finale is executed awkwardly, it ties into the first film like a kid tying shoelaces for the first time, and the quoting of Donald Trump as a big showstopper is truly sidesplitting.

Much like the series, it's time for this review to come to an end. I am going to miss the Resident Evil film series. Though it started off garbage, it has since found a way to become (like the Red Queen herself) self-aware. They're fun pieces of trash that entertain with strong direction, stunts and charm. Sadly, The Final Chapter muddles itself with too much seriousness and not enough cheese. Is it worth a watch? Well, if you've made it this far, dive back into The Hive and check it out.

At least it's intentions are purely popcorn entertainment that doesn't really target anything that's a genuine issue that requires sympathy and treatment for horror value, unlike say, Split.

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