RoboCop ★★★★½

True story of when Keegan was saved by Robocop:

[Keegan is being mugged at a movie rental store by a bunch of lowlife Asylum movies, when Robocop bursts through the ACTION section.]
RoboCop: Let the picky Highlander fan go, you are under arrest.
[Draws his gun]
Transmorphers: You better back-up, pal! 'Cuz... He's gonna make him watch me... He's make him watch me!
[RoboCop tries to subdue Transmorphers & 3 Musketeers without hurting Keegan, aiming his gun around them both]
Transmorphers: He's make him watch me! He's make him watch me!
[RoboCop shoots through the copy of The Paperboy in Keegan's hand and 3 Musketeers/the other Asylum movie, which then crumples to the ground screaming in pain]
RoboCop: Your move, Micro-budget.
3 Musketeers: Oooow! Ooow! Ooooow!
Transmorphers: Okay, okay, it's okay!
Keegan: Oh God. Thank you. Oh, thank you.
RoboCop: Sir, you have suffered an emotional shock. I will notify a Paul Verhoeven crisis center.

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