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  • Friday the 13th Part 2

    Friday the 13th Part 2


    Kind of love that Jason's first appearance as the main antagonist has him so oafish and dumb, he's so much less imposing than the later films would portray him and it's kinda cute. Part 2 is a little more slick but not quite as charming as the first, it has it's moments but I prefer supernatural killing machine Jason over bafoonish woodsman Jason.

  • A Woman's Torment

    A Woman's Torment

    Leave it to Roberta Findlay to direct a bizarre psychotropic mindfuck about a woman driven to insanity under the guise of a standard porno flick. For the most part the hardcore scenes in this are incredibly unpleasant to watch, a man is stabbed to death mid-orgasm, there's a scene that intercuts between a woman riding dick in a boat to her sister having a mental episode and writhing around on the ground in agony. This isn't so much a porn as it is a horror movie, great stuff.

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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    Sam Levinson - "whoa guys, I don't know if you can handle my film that I, an older white dude wrote about the complexities of being a teenage girl, it's pretty E̳͉̊̇̌̍D͔͍̪̠̙̼̦̿̇G̱̼͖͔̖̀ͧ̾̈ͬͭ̒Y̔̔͛̈ͤ, like TRIGGER WARNING am I right?"

    -puts sunglasses on and blasts Linkin Park-

    "p.s. this is what a feminist looks like"

    -drives off into the distance-

  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Vince Vaughn scrapes a guy's face off with his boot and a hard concrete floor.