The Card Counter

The Card Counter ★★★★½

The weight of Oscar Isaac's shame and regret over past actions during his time in the army paired with a really minor villain called Mr. USA who's goons shout "USA! USA! USA!" every time he wins a poker match are one of many ways Paul Schrader put his indelible touch on The Card Counter.

Details like that form a deeper picture that isn't necessarily at the forefront of the narrative, The Card Counter takes a long time to reveal the nature of the story to the viewer and it's all the more better for it. I hate to rag on modern filmmakers but post-9/11 Hollywood sure seems to have major issues with subtlety when it's trying to be political, imagine watching Falcon & The Winter Soldier and The Card Counter back to back, they'd sure paint VERY different pictures of the country they both so lovingly call home. America is a violent place with systemic issues that rot every one of it's long-stretching tendrils to their core and this is a movie that understands that.

Directors Ranked: Paul Schrader

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