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  • Detroit Rock City

    Detroit Rock City

    First time seeing this in years. Younger me was quite oblivious to the constant misogyny throughout it's entire runtime.. but besides that.. It still serves as I remember it, a really over the top 70s worshiping romp

  • Woodstock


    A towering freeze frame in time, capturing an entire generation. Bursting with heart and passion showered in pop culture phenomena with, exuberant life, an incredible achievement. Truly immerses you in the sun drenched environment where time or obligation to anything feels so irrelevant.

    A testament to youth, of any decade and the power they have to push and promote an ideology through, as well as being a completely kick ass concert film.

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  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    I'm gonna point out before I get into this, I'm pretty sick of Marvel movies at this point so this will be a little biased not to mention the fact that I went in with low enough expectations.

    Safe to say, I got what I expected and it's generic story 101:

    >Protagonist is really good at something
    >Living the life
    >Protagonist gets issues all of a sudden with thing he is really good at
    >Protagonist overcomes his issue with…

  • Moonlight


    A portrait of a repressed and tortured soul, denied by piers.
    A painting come to life, and a journey through music, colour and limited dialogue.

    Moonlight impresses me the more I see it, tragic, beautiful, real.