Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★½

Have you ever had a surreal experience at the theater? A few minutes before the movie started a man walked around the entirety of the theater and it looked like he was checking where everyone was sitting. Ok, not a big deal. During the film, he got up and walked out twice. Again, not a big deal. Popcorn, restroom, etc. When he came back, both times, he stood at the opening to the theater aisle motionless staring at the screen like Michael Myers, for several minutes. There could be a number of reasons for this. Back pain, stretching legs, etc, etc, but I will admit it kind of freaked me out. There were only about 10 people at my screening and I could hear murmurs from some folks nearby as well. It could have been completely innocuous or he was a troll who was trying to freak us out.

Anyhow, obviously nothing happened, but it was still quite an experience.

The film was alright. I didn't find it that scary or thrilling and there are plenty of examples of stupid people making stupid decisions. But I found it just interesting enough to hook me in for the finale, at least I hope it's the finale....

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