Jack Reacher ★★★★

I seem to enjoy pretty much all Cruise films from recent years (excluding Rock of Ages of course, I'm not sure what that was) even things like Knight & Day which seemed to be much derided, were a fun 90 minutes for me, even after taking into account my general dislike for Cameron Diaz.

Are any of those movies spectacular? Not really, most of them are middling fare, but Cruise seems to bring something to all of them that I can latch onto and Jack Reacher is no different, in fact it may only be different in that I actually think it's more than middling, it's pretty damn good.

The opening sequence is spectacular. Slow, quiet, and devastating. That same tone is brought to certain other sequences in the film, like the unusual, but fantastic car chase. Violence abounds, though nothing overly gratuitous and most feeling quite realistic and effective, including a great final action sequence. There was also some comedy thrown in for good measure and it all worked for me.

Really the only thing I found lacking was Werner Herzog, his character was very underused and that was extremely disappointing. It was still nice having him on screen when he was there, I just wanted more of him.

There were a few plot question marks once it was all said and done, but they were minor. Maybe it just caught me on the right day, but damn it I had a lot of fun with this movie.

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