The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★

Maybe it's my 20+ years of being surrounded by stockbrokers and the 12+ years in the finance/investment industry that helped me like this one, but damn, I found it hilarious. I've known characters like this throughout the years (not quite to this exaggerated extent of course, but the general personalities) and seeing them act ridiculous on screen for three hours was very enjoyable to me.

Jonah Hill was truly hilarious, I laughed pretty much the whole time he was on screen and I was very impressed with the physical comedy DiCaprio pulled off. In fact the acting across the board was excellent.

I do think it was a bit long and maybe the film could have been better served by putting in something As it is though, a balls out, comedic look at greed and that particular time in the investment world, I really enjoyed it.

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