Things to Come ★★★

Epic in scope and impressive in design, but severely lacking in engaging characters. The structure is such that you never really get a chance to care about anything that is happening. You begin with a pastoral Christmas setting in "Everytown" with the rumblings of an impending war permeating the news and conversation. We spend a few minutes with some friends and family celebrating, but it is very brief and we are quickly thrust into quite an epic and visually amazing war.

From there we see a plague, then a resulting regrouping of Everytown under a half-wit oligarch, then his downfall, then we get Utopia. This all occurs by flashing forward chunks at a time and we only get a relatively small amount of time in each part of the story.

For me this quick progression through time is the biggest problem with the film. It's a bunch of fantastic looking set pieces which seemingly want to make you think with their impact, but really all I thought about was how they pulled off some of the cool effects and not at all about how the lives of everyone in the world, and Everytown specifically, were impacted. Unlike Metropolis, which apparently H.G. Wells hated, Things To Come is all about the flash and while it is impressive flash at times, it leaves a lot to be desired as a complete film.

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