Unforgiven ★★★★

So after even more cajoling I finally buckled down and watched this, with a nice sandwich on a Sunday afternoon. I have to admit I was a tad concerned by the first 15 minutes or so as I found the film very slow, but as things started to come along, I became invested and by the end, when things really heated up I was fully engrossed.

I liked most of the cast, particularly Richard Harris who was awesome, if not a little underutilized, though i must say I found Eastwood himself to be a bit uneven. Maybe it just took a while for him to grow on me in this one.

The story itself is relatively straightforward; one last job, dealing with the demons from before, etc. but it was executed well and ended with such a flourish, that it was hard not to love it.

Hopefully they will make an Unforgiven 2; The Schofield Kid hears of Munny being shot and on his death bed. He goes to visit; Munny gives him back the Schofield pistol and leaves Schofield the farm with his dying breath (Munny's kids out of the picture, having been trampled by hogs or something a few years back). Schofield then vows revenge on the killers but has to deal with all of the demons he encountered the first go 'round. I think it could work.

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