New Pollution #3: NYFF Guys Finish Last

[Also published on (All (Parentheses)) and The Completist]

More on the mostly-virtual, now-concluded New York Film Festival, Ed. 58, focus on the bad boys — Romania’s Cristi Puiu and France-by-way-of-Brooklyn’s Eugène Green — and the degree to which extracurricular behaviors taint an artist’s work. Separate creator from creation? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Each situation is different. It’s like my underwear…Depends.

Puiu’s rumored anti-LGBT right-wingery and his anti-mask rant during a COVID-19 restricted fest screening (though his words in context and his overall points seem slightly more nuanced) didn’t at all mitigate my enjoyment of the three-hour-plus Malmkrog, a rigor-mortised, yet perversely invigorating adaptation of the Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov’s forbiddingly titled War, Progress, and the End of History: Three Conversations, Including…

  • Malmkrog
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