Last Tango in Paris ★★

I don't know what I was expecting from this, or what I was trying to gain from watching it, but Bernardo Bertolucci's exploration of what was seemingly a depiction of a fragile man overcoming grief through intimacy and sex just didn't sit well with me. Playing on human's impulses and mental issues throughout, Last Tango in Paris is far from the masterpiece people have hailed it to be. Tangled up with a subplot that left me no interest (other than seeing Jean-Pierre Léaud), and Maria Schneider's character feeling completely empty and dry throughout the course of the film, Bertolucci merely saturates the film in uselessness that sadly fails to bring together a story that could've worked. Marlon Brando's performance however is excellent, and the slow-pace, long-takes, and cinematography is simply breath-taking - yet seems a complete waste in a setting that feels so underdeveloped and predictable.