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  • Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

    Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

    ME!™, post-logging onto TMDB, inputting all of this sight unseen masterpiece's available information the *moment* it was announced, and forcing a Letterboxd data import that created its page: Well hello! Let's celebrate that!

    A definite high point, to date, in my storied 13-year-old career as a Swiftie (just underneath when she liked and reposted a picture of ME!™ to her profile on [RIP] The Swift Life).

  • Hustlers



    We were fucking hurricanes, weren't we?

    So, for my fourth trip to heaven i.e. theatrical viewing of Hustlers, Benu and I attended an extra special Academy screening at MoMA and...this happened.

    I thanked her for consistently delivering masterful performances, even when the scripts were beneath her talent, and congratulated her for finally being critically respected the way she always should’ve been (we [!] both teared up, hence our glassy eyes in the picture 😂/😭). It meant the world to me, and I can't wait to see her take home the gold this February.

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  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels


    I think women can do anything.

    Let the choir of Angels™ not only sing, but annihilate bad men the world over—this was, to my utter surprise and delight, an all-out blast. Banks just intrinsically *gets* how Charlie’s Angels should play in 2019, and I’m over the moon about it. As much as I’ll love the first two bombast-driven, early aughts pop cinema reboots forever, their horndog-serving worst facets have been scrubbed away—and guess what? It’s (gasp!) still sexy as hell…

  • Parasite



    If I had all this, I would be kinder.

    Bong Joon-ho‘s Parasite lithely walks a slick, impossibly intelligent tight rope between uproarious social satire and pulse-pounding thriller. It’s a living Rubik’s Cube—with bricks colored in hues of painfully relevant class struggle—that never allows itself to be fully solved, even when you finally think you’ve got it all figured out (and thank goodness for that). Once it ropes you in, you’re left both ravenously hungry for more and functionally devastated over the…