Lady Bird ★★★★★

while not trying to steal any ideas from gerard, this film has moved me and made me so internally mindful that I feel as though I have to express personal stuff about myself to whomever reads this, despite whether it correlates with my review or not. so with that:

I am 16 years old. i’m a junior in high school and I live in a small town outside of charlotte, nc. I was born in new york city and I moved away when I was four. by the time I was ten my family knew everyone in town, and everyone in town knew us. living in a small town with a drug addict brother and a newly divorced mother and father definitely helped to draw attention in a town with 6000. at 13, and a with a single mother who has run out of money, I moved to another small town south of charlotte and over the border into sc. it was just me and my mom, with my oldest brother frequenting jail much more often than our house. following me was this longing for something and I never could tell what it was, until I watched beginners (2010). that film opened my eyes to this world of on screen stories and what someone could tell and not tell on film. and I realized how this longing for something was a longing to go home to new york city and go to college and live my life there. lady bird fully exhumes everything I want to be. her confidence in everything she does, without caring about the consequences; a free spirit. something i aspire to be. 

my mother is 58 years old, she had me quite late in life and our relationship is quite similar to what lady bird had with her mother. the back and forth arguing-turned normal conversation over dresses or the grapes of wrath is so like my mother and I, and it made me cry when they fought because I know i’ve had those fights with my mom too. 

whenever I talk to my mom about college, or particularly, college in the city I always hear the same responses
‘and who is going to be paying for it?’
‘you won’t be able to handle being all by yourself in a new city’
‘you won’t get in’
and it’s SO frustrating because I work my ass off, working 27 hours a weekend to make money, taking AP classes, being in clubs, anything I can to please her and to make sure I can get into those colleges. and it’s frustrating. but that’s beside the point. 

Christine aka “Lady Bird” is a senior in high school looking for a way to escape her catholic school and family bubble in Sacramento by going as far away as possible - an east coast college. Throughout the film we see Lady Bird as she finds love, and finds heartbreak, as she makes mistakes, and learns from them. Watching this film, anyone could pick a character and find ways to relate to them. the performances in this are so real and so fucking good. Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Saoirse fucking Ronan. What a fucking talent, no doubt in my mind we see her getting a nomination for this role. I cried six times in the theatre watching this. Laurie Metcalf’s scene after she drops Lady Bird off at the airport had me in wrecks, because I know in a year and a half that will be my mother and I (though I hope it goes slightly different). 

Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut blew me away. the way she captured the coming of age high school story without any of those teen comedy tropes we’ve beat to death makes me so excited for what she has next. She is a natural talent behind the camera, and had me laughing and crying throughout the 90 minutes. I just wanted more.

Watching Lady Bird and her quest for college admissions has given me so much hope for my future, and what waits for me there. I can’t wait, I truly can not wait.

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