Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

I’m going to start by saying: Carey WHEW her mind. Gah, women. They're so powerful. We stan crazy bitches. I’m dropping my stanning another Carrie for her. Give her her OSCAH. Now with the film itself, I really liked it. I digged  the whole psychotic bubblegum vibe throughout all of it. And that rendition of Toxic, it’s melted into my brain. Now with the ending, I knew what happened but I still feel as though in the moment it was still pretty uncomfortable. It definitely felt randomly violent in comparison to the rest of the movie and abrupt. If anything, they should’ve handled it differently and led to a fight. But I understand why the ending was as such to make us intentionally uncomfortable, but still. Overall, aces of a film and Carey is that bitch.

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