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  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock


    Plain and simple, Eli Roth saw HARD CANDY, liked it, decided to make his own version, and simply wasn't up to the task.

    In spite of my otherwise good judgement, I'm giving this one a "like" -- as I've written before, liking a film sometimes has little to do with how good or awful it might be. This is kinky, poorly written fun.

    Is KNOCK KNOCK a home -invasion horror film? Dark comedy? Botched erotic thriller? Or is writer-director Eli Roth now simply staging his own wet dreams on film?

    KNOCK KNOCK has its moments, but far too few of them.

  • Passengers



    No surprises here at all.

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  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch

    Have we all heard the news? As it turns out, the real title of this film is BLAIR WITCH, and it's a "secret sequel" to the original hit. Why, that's as sneaky as something the real Blair Witch might've done!

    How meta.

  • Criminal



    Over the years, I've asked countless fellow movie lovers the same question: "Which film would you rather see, one with a brilliant script and terrible actors, or a terrible script and great actors?" I've been surprised to get the same answer every single time: Give 'em the great actors, story be damned.

    Which, more or less, leads me to make CRIMINAL the first film I discuss on this site. The story is a savage stream of silliness involving memory transplants,…