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  • Upgrade



    This futuristic revenge-thriller appeared without warning, and comes as a wonderful surprise. Imagine Brian Garfield's "Death Wish" adapted for the screen by William Gibson, and you'll have some idea of the violent, crazy cleverness at work here.

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One

    CGI is ruining movies, and this movie was overstuffed with CGI. You do the math.

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  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch

    Have we all heard the news? As it turns out, the real title of this film is BLAIR WITCH, and it's a "secret sequel" to the original hit. Why, that's as sneaky as something the real Blair Witch might've done!

    How meta.

  • Criminal



    Over the years, I've asked countless fellow movie lovers the same question: "Which film would you rather see, one with a brilliant script and terrible actors, or a terrible script and great actors?" I've been surprised to get the same answer every single time: Give 'em the great actors, story be damned.

    Which, more or less, leads me to make CRIMINAL the first film I discuss on this site. The story is a savage stream of silliness involving memory transplants,…