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  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    Not quite Dogme 95. I quite liked the final shot, though, of all the kids quietly and communally sitting around the breakfast table doing homework; I would have liked for Ross to have held the shot even for a few beats longer.

    Quibble, just for fun: As a native northwesterner, I am sure the outdoors shots of the glorious sunshine and PNW forests were taken in the summer. Summer months in the PNW are indeed glorious. Living in the forest…

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  • The Imposter

    The Imposter


    Expertly crafted documentary. Dark and ominous from the outset. The interviews tell the story perfectly. I had read a New Yorker article on the subject, so the material was not unfamiliar to me, but I still found this telling totally compelling. This film should have received more attention last year; it deserves an audience.

  • Home



    I have a relatively low tolerance for noise, so I would have great difficulty coping with having a highway in my front yard. In other words, I would not stick around. Isabelle Huppert's character in HOME also has a low tolerance for noise, but she insists on sticking around when a dormant highway comes to life right next to her family's house. She is stuck and therefore her family is stuck; the rest of the family is willing to move,…