Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

not entirely sure how i feel about this. on a surface level, i did enjoy it. i got a kick out of the twists and revenge plots, paired with a great soundtrack and a great performance by carey mulligan (and of course bo burnham). looking deeper, it didn't really say much or add anything new to the conversation of misogyny and rape culture, but i also think the film was aiming to create more of a cathartic and pleasurable experience of a story so dark. yes we know this stuff happens, and although the protagonists confrontations of unsuspecting predators and complicit bystanders may not be anything new or groundbreaking, i did enjoy many aspects of this film and how it approached the subject matter. despite this, i completely understand why people dislike this film and find it problematic, especially those who've experienced something similar, and so i think this film has created a valuable discussion of not only the subject matter, but how it's explored on screen

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