Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

ever since Iron man came out in 2008 I've been hooked to marvel and avengers. Iron man was my guy from the start. for god sake first movie that I saw without my parents and with friends was avengers in 2012. i watched marvel for entertainment purposes and decided not to be too critical with the details because it was just fun. but year after year, more and more of the same was cranked out and after iron man croaked and cap got his happily ever after with peggy, the lifetime adventure the 2 friends had diminished my interest. what can I say they just got boring to me. I KNOW a movie with jake Gyllenhaal AND tom holland how could i! regardless nothing i can do about a continuous franchise even tho the main players have finished their contract. I've more or less grown out of marvel because to me they just keep getting worse and worse.

to sum it up it was a gold turd, my condolences

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