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  • Ghostbusters



    It's no wonder the fanbase for this series is so toxic when the movie itself is pretty aggressively gross in its treatment of women.

  • Krampus



    What a waste of a stellar cast and concept. The comedy part of this 'horror comedy' is basically nonexistent. The monsters all have a wonderfully camp vibe that I kept waiting to be matched in the human characters. Instead, the film centers on a family that isn't smart or edgy enough to be satirical (the fatshaming and lazy stereotypes are boring as hell) and also isn't likable enough for me to even care when they die.

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  • The Imitation Game

    The Imitation Game


    Every time I stop and think about this film, I have to lower its rating half a star.

    I just can't fathom why someone decided to take the fascinating life story of Turing and turn it into this cliche sleeping-pill of a biopic.

  • Poltergeist



    This shouldn't be scary anymore because of the way the effects have aged, but it still got under my skin. Probably because of the curse associated with the filming? Plus that f#cking clown doll. But at the end of the day, Poltergeist is just a really beautifully made movie. The final shot, for example, is a perfect ending.