Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

This was a really fun movie, I personally really love a lot of Snyder’s work and I like his style. When rating this movie I’m mainly gonna take into consideration what this film does to differentiate itself from all the other zombie flicks out there. This one is honestly really unique, it’s an all out heist movie set in a world where there’s a zombie invasion, the zombies are super intelligent and they kinda are incredibly fast and agile. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it in a zombie film. I find it pretty funny that the whole Zombie apocalypse was started because some guy was getting a blow job, that’s pretty funny writing. The majority of the cast are fun to watch and all the characters have something that makes them different than the others. Probably my biggest problem was the runtime, it’s a bit too long and it’s not the kind of movie that really needs to be two and a half hours, there was definitely at least 20-30 minutes that could’ve been cut out and I think that would have benefited the movies rewatch value. Back to the positives though, Snyder was the DOP of the movie and I gotta hand it to him, this movie is so well shot. The setting makes for a fun zombie shootout environment and a lot of the kills are pretty brutal and fun to watch. I got heavy zombie video game vibes from this film kinda like how Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead gave off almost comic book horror vibes and I really liked it, it’s been a while since a movie has come out and it’s just a fun time. They’ve already got like 4 spin-offs to this film planned so it should be fun to see where the next films take the series but I’d say this was a GOOD start and I look forward to the future of this franchise.


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