Candyman ★★★½

“I Am The Writing On The Wall, The Sweet Smell Of Blood. Be My Victim.”

This was honestly really good, I don’t think it was better than the original but man that ending was awesome. The score was phenomenal, unforgettable I think. There was some cool shots. I liked the main lead but this movie NEEDED more Tony Todd, he had such few scenes but oh my goodness he stole the show in the few that he did. That’s really the only thing I wanted out of this movie, Tony Todd with his badass menacing voice stalking people who say his name. The finger puppet thing they did to recap the first movies events was great. Unfortunately the movie really tried to do something completely different, I didn’t dislike the direction the film went but it wasn’t what I wanted. You could tell this movie was really set on getting its many messages across to the audience and at times it did feel a bit forced at least to me it felt kinda in your face and sometimes I felt like the movie was kinda getting sidelined by the constant reminder of that message. Granted it was an important message and very relevant to today but I just wanted to see candyman, I didn’t care for all the woke social justice stuff I just wanted a fun slasher. I appreciated that the movie didn’t go over an hour and a half because the runtime felt perfect. Overall this was a good time, a worthy sequel/reboot and I want to see where the franchise goes next, some stuff was definitely left unanswered and rushed in the end. 


“Tell everyone.”

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