Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

1st Rewatch 

Cue the big awesome lovable monkey, Toby Kebbell playing yet again another ape (Koba from POTA), all the MCU actors you can think of, Tom Hiddleston dressed as Nathan Drake, Brie Larson dressed as Lara Croft, Samuel L. Jackson as a villain, John C. Reilly as an old war vet turned hermit with katana skills, lots of Vietnam music and an epic island filled with badass creatures that just so happens to have a massive skull on it, hence the name skull island. I really loved pretty much everything about this movie, the atmosphere was incredible, the monsters were all unique and fun to watch, beautiful cinematography, mostly likable characters and everyone’s favorite ginormous monkey, King Kong. My only real negatives were how the film got a bit too cheesy at points and how some of the characters could’ve be cut, but then again I can look past that.


Team Kong all the way!

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