Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★½

I really enjoy the majority of the things we got in this movie, two of the biggest standouts for me in the movie were Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, she’s just a perfect casting choice, and Will Smith who portrays Deadshot very well. The costume/makeup design is all around great, everything except Killer Croc’s outfit and Jared Leto’s entire design. Jared Leto has a lot of potential and he shows that in Justice League but I think he needs a lot more screen time in future movies. Enchantress is a weak villain for the most part, I don’t despise her but there is no reason to like her a villain. The plot is super generic but that’s sorta how a lot of the Suicide Squad comics are as well. If the film went with a more realistic, human character for a villain the movie could have really benefited. I really enjoy the opening montages for all the characters. The two Batman scenes and the flash cameo were great. This is a fun movie to watch for me up until the end, then the movie takes itself way too serious and the tone shifts drastically. Overall, I really like this film and I can look past majority of the flaws because I love most of the characters a lot.


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