The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★★

“You know, sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry."

This film was directed by James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman, Rila Fukushima, Tao Okamoto, Hiroyuki Sanada, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Brian Tee, and Will Yun Lee

So Wolverine has always been in my top 3 for superhero’s, for me it was always Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine thats how it’s been and that’s how it will always be for me, I love the character of Logan so much. One of the things that makes Logan not only a fantastic superhero (or antihero) but just such a phenomenal character in general is the fact that he is so flawed, he is a far from perfect hero, he makes so many mistakes and a lot of his mistakes have major consequences that affect him and the people he cares about, even though he has regenerative powers he is constantly living in pain from consequences of his choices he made in the past. I think James Mangold is an incredible director, he hasn’t really disappointed me yet, I feel like he did a phenomenal job on this movie and I’m really thankful for this movie because if this film wasn’t a financial and critical success he honestly might not have gotten to direct Logan and I don’t want to live in a world where that would’ve happened.

“Nature made me a freak.”

I think this film is fantastic, I used to love this movie growing up and maybe my nostalgia has blinded me from seeing the films flaws but I have always thought this was just a great superhero film. I love seeing Logan in his absolute prime, watching him go into an all out rage is always a blast to watch, sometimes it gets really bloody which is fantastic. The movie has awesome action sequences, of course you’ve got that train fight, the funeral, that incredible sequence towards the end of the movie at the snowy village where Logan takes on multiple ninjas and of course that really great scene right after Logan takes out the bug and starts to get his powers back, I’ve always loved the final epic line from Logan in that scene “I’m the Wolverine” it’s just pure badass to me. I loved the Japan setting for the movie, it’s Japan setting gave us some really beautiful scenery to look at, I think the setting of the film with Ross Emery’s cinematography is a really solid combination. Speaking of Ross Emery his cinematography during the snowy village sequences is really impressive.

“You picked the wrong house, bub."

The opening scene is a fantastic introduction to Logan for people who aren’t too familiar with the character of Wolverine. The first 10 minutes or so is flawless to me, I really enjoyed the fact that we see the human side of Logan with his reaction and sympathy towards the bear. Another scene I’ve always loved in the film is where Logan performs surgery on himself while Yukio has to protect him. Some of the side characters were really cool, I liked the character of Yukio a lot and I wish with got to see more of her. I really loved Jean Grey’s role in the film she shows up every now and again as a ghost of sorts to “haunt” Logan and I feel it’s handled extremely well. Now I’ve gotta talk about Hugh Jackman’s performance as The Wolverine himself, he is perfect, he will never be topped by whoever plays him in the MCU and thats just a fact, Wolverine is his character and I don’t think I’ll be able to accept it if they recast him in the MCU. The rage, humor, vitality and emotion he brings to the character is pure perfection and his performance will without a doubt go down in history.

“Hey, BUB!”

I don’t fully understand the mediocre reviews on the film I think is a great Wolverine movie, it’s a whole lot better than “Origins” and in my opinion it slightly comes close to “Logan”. Marco Beltrami score is great, especially when Logan gets pissed off the theme gets me so pumped up. I think most people would say the film falls apart with the last 10 minutes or so and while I can completely see that I never had a major problem with it, I think the biggest problem with it is the big ronan mech suit, it kinda takes away from the “grounded” feel that the movie worked so hard to obtain and every time I get to that scene it instantly feels like a completely different movie, the tone just feels off but other than that I personally can’t really find anymore flaws. The villains were never really amazing to me, they are decently well developed but overall I think the main antagonists of the film are a bit weak.

Overall it’s not a masterpiece but it’s a GREAT superhero film and its better than most MCU movies in my opinion.


“How’d you know there was a pool down there!?”

“I didn’t.” 

My Logan

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