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  • The Batman
  • Nope
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Prey
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
  • Star Wars Collection
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Star Wars
  • Star Wars: Episode III -ย Revenge of the Sith

โ€” Star Wars โ€”

30 films

*The Mandalorian is number 4 *Book of Boba Fett is number 11 *Obi-Wan Kenobi is number 7 *Clone Wars seasonโ€ฆ

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  • Dune
  • The French Dispatch
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  • Addams Family Values
  • Garfield's Thanksgiving
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

โ€” Holiday Season Watchlist โ€”

86 films

A list of (In my mind) classic Thanksgiving/Christmas/Wintertime movies to go through, as well as films that fall under thatโ€ฆ

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Marvel's The Defenders
  • Logan
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

โ€” Marvel โ€”

69 films

*My ranking for The Defenders ย is not my ranking for the that show, itโ€™s specifically for Daredevil.

*Marvel Punisher seriesโ€ฆ

  • The Batman
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
  • Signs

Top 35 Favorite Movies

35 films

Really tried to limit it to my #1 favorite movie from a particular franchise so films like Star Wars andโ€ฆ

  • The Big Lebowski
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • No Country for Old Men
  • Fargo
  • Black Mirror: White Christmas
  • Black Mirror: Playtest
  • Black Mirror: Be Right Back
  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Zack Snyder's Justice League
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Man of Steel
  • Shazam!

โ€” DCEU โ€”

12 films

*Peacemaker is number 3

  • Halloween
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch
  • Halloween
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
  • Halloween II

โ€” Halloween โ€”

13 films

My Ranking Of Halloween Movies

  • Val
  • C'mon C'mon
  • Minari
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Swiss Army Man
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Lost in Translation
  • Contact
  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Good Will Hunting

101 Handpicked Movie Recommendations For Josh

99 films

I hope you love these movies as much as I do.