Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Honestly a movie that I found so good and such a monumental undertaking that I'm at a loss for words. I fully went into this expecting to find this film's acclaim to be a bit overstated when put side by side to other Sono masterpieces such as Forest of Love and Why Don't You Play In Hell, but no, I really do think that this is his greatest achievement and I don't say that lightly at all. The genre and tone jumping present in some of his other movies feels turned way up here, yet also managed to feel like a tightly focused and constantly entertaining experience at the same time as well, with just as much thematic depth as ever. Interestingly enough however, while there are some broader themes in regards to the concepts of religion, the vast majority of what this film represents feels deeply personal, especially with how much hinges on the difficult process of understanding and coming to terms with one's own identity. The characters in this all feel lost, often not knowing why they do the things they do, and simply attempting to process their own feelings towards things and doing all they can to justify what they think and believe, but it never feels as if these people are portrayed in a purely negative light for long either, as you watch them change and grow, better understanding who they are and simply learning to embrace it rather than mask it all. The movie might have been 4 hours long but it went by in an instant, feeling impossibly dense yet taking some time in between to simply be hilarious as well, making it all feel very digestible despite the fact that I know that so much goes on in this that it'd take another few watches to process it all. Honestly, this might just be my favourite movie and it blows my mind that Sion Sono has put out so many masterpieces.

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