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  • Martyrs
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  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    It's extremely brutal, gory, messy, bloody, depraved, disturbing, and violent. Yes. But it's not a very good movie.

    I get it's supposed to just be a shock movie but it really wasn't all that entertaining and the few infected they chose to focus on were pretty boring tbh. The granny was creepy af but the rest were just, eh.

    It's not at all disappointing in the shock department though and some of the practical effects are brutal to the max and way over done in a good way.

  • Frozen



    Embrace your flaws and let it go.

    Admittedly my first time seeing this movie because I absolutely hated the over marketing that was done when it came out. One thing really kept me from watching it the most though. One nightmare, one worry, one fear, and one overall lingering uneasy aspect that really just filled me with dread; Olaf. Well those fears were justified, the movie is extremely well done.

    Perhaps just the overabundance of his marketing I really just…

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  • Waves



    This is now my favorite non horror movie produced by A24.

    Everything about this movie just feels so real and genuine. 

    The acting, characters, soundtrack, cinematography, directing, lighting, everything. I loved this movie so much and it was so emotionally powerful. 

    Each character was so deep and layered. The characters interactions felt genuine and real. I felt for everything that happened to each character and nothing felt out of place. 

    This is a powerhouse of a film and is expertly crafted.

  • Martyrs



    This has been on my watchlist longer than any other movie and i’m so glad I finally watched it.

    I’ve wanted to see this movie for at least 7-8 years but could never find a region a copy (Blu Ray) and couldn’t find any sites that would even allow me to purchase it digitally until I found out amazon video had the unrated version. 

    I avoided the plot as much as possible as well as any footage so I could…