Deadpool 2 ★★★★

I went in expecting to hate this, because I'm so fed up with Marvel movies, particularly post-Avengers. Surprised to find I had a rollicking good time.

As with all deliberately transgressive films -- Life of Brian, South Park and Team America come to mind -- your mileage may vary greatly and your enjoyment will, more than usual, probably depend on frame of mind when you watch it.

For me, this knowing satire of the Marvel genre came at just the right moment in time. (I'm a sucker for deliberately crude movies but only at times when I am fed up with false-righteousness of my surroundings.)

Person I saw it with knows more about comic book history and picked up some touches I missed. This is a ridiculous movie, but it *know* that it is ridiculous, embraces the stupidity of taking comic book movies too seriously, and in doing so makes the whole genre a little easier to take.