Rampage ★½

I was surprised by how much I didn't like this. As a rule, I find The Rock personable and enjoy his films. Not that the problems here are his fault. They are, I think, in order of relevance:

1) The films is so predictable it is boring.
2) Wildly careening tone that revels in destruction and then asks you to take glee in violence if/when it is directed at objects other than the heroes.
3) I'm a bit tired of the the trope that the hero can take the wild out of the animal by having an emotional bond. Haven't any of these film heroes seen the last five minutes of Grizzly Man? I realize that's a ridiculous nit to pick in a movie whose very premise is *based on a video game,* but if you are going to use the "don't take it so seriously" argument than give me a movie I can *enjoy* rather than one that simply bludgeons my senses.