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  • Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde

    Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde


    You just have to swap out the “M” for an “S” and you’ve got Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. Writer Brian Clemens takes the gender swap to Robert Louis Stevenson’s oft-told classic and invests it with a clever, new life.

    Seeking the elixir of life in female hormones, Dr. Henry Jekyll (Ralph Bates) finds his potion to effect more changes than he expected, bringing forth his “feminine side” in the form of Martine Beswick, whom he dubs “Mrs. Hyde”.


  • Ticks



    “You make me, you make me, you make me,
    Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick”

    Ticks boasts quality tick action and a decent cast, though it’s not that entomologically sound, I’m assuming.

    “I’m infested!”

    I was going to call Ticks the direct-to-video poster child, but then I could imagine many vying for that title.

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  • Lisa, Lisa

    Lisa, Lisa

    Lisa, Lisa is a cult jam.

    The strange, affectless tone of Lisa, Lisa a.k.a. California Axe Massacre a.k.a. Axe oddly enough evokes response from many viewers. Frederick R. Friedel’s feature succeeds on a mixing of inexperience, ineptitude and artistry on lo-fi budget-ude.

    Little things add up: the tree and its shadow, the gangster clipping his toenails, Lisa’s eternally blasé mien. The dull horror of reality.

  • The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    The Brain That Wouldn't Die


    I think I first saw The Brain that Wouldn’t Die back somewhere in childhood, presented as a classic piece of hilariously bad schlock.

    “The corpse is yours. Do what you want to do.”

    But you know what? This movie is kind of great. Whether its feminist critique of female objectification is accidental or on purpose, I dunno, but the subtext clearly lands in the foreground.

    “I promise you one thing. Your grandchildren won’t be test tube babies.”

    The young, arrogant…