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  • Day the World Ended

    Day the World Ended


    Nuclear war and the fallout strand a small group of survivors in a canyon surrounded by mountains of lead. Lucky for the many that wander in that a staunch survivalist and his daughter had planned for just such a scenario, stocked up on food, and wind up allowing the strangers to join them even at the risk of their food supply.

    In Day the World Ended, you can see a young Roger Corman developing his bearings as director of low…

  • The Man Who Could Cheat Death

    The Man Who Could Cheat Death


    Immortality is only a new parathyroid gland every 10 years in The Man Who Could Cheat Death. And some green potion taken in sips, more close to the expiration date of the previous gland.

    Dr. Georges Bonnet (Anton Diffring) has been taking his glands from various beautiful women over the decades, women who posed for his sculptures. And as a result he’s had to decamp from one major city to another to avoid paying for his crimes.

    I feel a…

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  • Chopping Mall

    Chopping Mall


    From schlockmeister Jim Wynorski and produced by Julie Corman, Chopping Mall is some seriously Eighties biz. I mean, it’s set in a mall. It takes place almost entirely inside a mall (the Sherman Oaks Galleria). But Eightiesness is just one aspect of charm to this fun thriller about killer robots gone amok. In fact, it’s packed with charms.

    Chopping Mall stars Kelli Maroney, a stand-out from Night of the Comet (1984) and one-time Ryan’s Hope star (my mom loved that…

  • Planet of the Vampires

    Planet of the Vampires


    An endless aesthetic pleasure, Planet of the Vampires, for me, is sublime.

    What Mario Bava does with some cheap sets, a fog machine, and colored lights (as well as a dandy costumer) evokes my pure and eternal love.

    This year, I vow to re-watch more movies. I could re-watch this one regularly.

    Perfect pairing with Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell.