Halloween III: Season of the Witch ★★★★

John Carpenter and Debra Hill’s vision for the Halloween franchise would have been much less monotonous had Halloween III: Season of the Witch not been such a flop. Unfortunately (or not) audiences got their desire, not original anthologized tales, but the undying, unrelenting recurrence of Michael Myers.

Really, it’s quite a metaphor and predecessor for the clichéd, brand-heavy eternal sequel re-boot re-make lack of originality that has overwhelmed mainstream film production in the U.S. Fuck originality, give us a variant of the thing we already had.

Season of the Witch kicks off with a cool title pixelated title sequence before it delves into its kooky sci-fi-cum-ancient-mysticism. The film’s goofiness might have doomed it in its day, but today really wields its charm.

It would make a sweet pairing with Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm and Larry Cohen’s The Stuff. Weirdness and oddity are charms I value. Halloween III has the best vibes.

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