Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside

We’re going to go where everybody knows everybody” 

That line read incredibly dark to me when watching it alone in a room as the pandemic was coming to a close. Early on in the film he establishes that we, the audience, is the camera. And after 80 minutes of being stationary, fixed in one spot for every shot, Bo - our Jesus figure himself, god of this tiny insular domain - lifts us up out of our secure comfort zone. It’s frantic, but it’s exciting to be moving. We allow him to take control of us, and it’s great just to be along for the ride. So hearing that line again in a theater surrounded by Bo’s other hoes, you realize he was calling his shot. Our shot. We’re gonna get out of this. And there we were: finally Outside, watching Inside together.

That smile, previously interpreted as a cynical smirk, is one of the great ambiguous endings of all time. But something about it felt more optimistic this time.

An 11/10 theater experience.

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