when did we start naming movies after their runtime

it is so strange how much the movie thinks we had been properly primed for the various couples’ stories to play out

for a movie all about the vastness of reality i’ve rarely seen something that looks more made in one green-screened room

this feels like a movie about American colonization. the “supreme” beings watch the lesser mortals fight and develop an entitlement to step in. it’s even sort of suggesting that our advancement in certain ways makes up for and justifies our belief that we have a right to step in in politically violent situations all over the world, when it has nothing to do with us in the first place. and using such a diverse cast to represent that stance makes it even more despicable.

i do think the idea of the cosmic celestials destroying planets to create a better life in new ones is really cool and i love how it was visualized. of course, the movie thinks that shit is lame. “we must exist! we are the most important thing in the universe!” it just rubbed me the wrong way.

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