Us ★★★★★

Jordan Peele has saved mainstream horror the way that he blends Hitchcockian imagery and subtly and Kubrickian weirdness is absolutely awe inspiring to watch, the gorgeous cinematography and sound mixing and editing add so so much technical depth to this perfectly written and directed nightmare and deserve academy award consideration, Of course I can’t not mention the absolutey phenomenal Lupita Nyang’o who delivers what’ll most likely end up being one of my favorite overall performances in any film of the year and my favorite horror film performance of the decade narrowly beating out Toni Collette in Hereditary, I can’t truly describe how hauntingly brilliant her performance is but it’s something that needs to be witnessed immediately, Winston Duke and the 2 child performances round out the amazing amendable all having the challenging task of playing the shadow versions of themselves and they execute it with perfect grace, the imagery and messages buried beneath the film tell a truly American story that I won’t get to in depth in But needless to say it’ll be in my head for an extremely long time, I’m glad that we’re finally getting brilliant, original genre defining horror from a true master who respects the genre as much as Jordan Peele I’m giving us my first 10/10 of the year

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