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  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    Vroooom! For the sheer spectacle of experiencing the thrill of 1960s grueling formula one racing at Le Mans and Daytona, this film is hard to beat. Watch it on a big screen with great sound and you won't be disappointed. But, as a people story it also surprisingly excels. Ford Motor Co. under Henry Ford II (emphasis on II), under pressure to combat a surging General Motors and compare his legacy to his famous grandfather (Henry Ford I), was convinced…

  • Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

    Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool


    When I was at university in the early 1960s my roommate was heavily into jazz (I was into opera and classical...and our dorm room was a battlefield over the use of the stereo.) Frank loved John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Miles Davis et al. And in the spirit of brotherhood, I accompanied him to a few jazz nights in Manhattan, to experience live performances by the masters that he loved and I couldn't quite get into. Over the years, I've never…

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  • El Topo

    El Topo


    The New York Times contacted me today for background about my review of El Topo that was published in the L.A. Free Press on April 23, 1971. They provided me with a scan of the article, and I'm reposting it here. Maybe 43 years later its verbiage is a little embarrassing; but I stand by what I wrote back then. How often do we get an opportunity to view what we thought about films through the prism of the far…

  • Joy



    David O. Russell's popularity and reputation for enlightened whimsy eludes me. I can't blame the actors in what has become his "stock company" for my dislike of this film. Rather it must be Russell's mechanistic, by-the-numbers script filled with neurotic characters acting nonsensically. I know I'm out of step with audiences here; so forget that I ever tried to review this film.