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  • Marjorie Prime

    Marjorie Prime


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Clearly adapted from a one-set play, this is the story of a multi-generational family in a future society where 3-dimentional computer generated holograms of dead loves are created and sold to provide companionship and solace for the living. The cast is superb, especially Lois Smith as Marjorie, the increasingly addled grandmother figure first introduced conversing with the simulacrum of her long deceased husband at a much younger age, Walter Prime (Jon Hamm). In the course of the film, time is…

  • Mudbound


    This exercise in WWII era Mississippi miserablism was just too dispiriting and bleak to take. I gave up half-way through. If it manages to pick up an Oscar nomination I'll revisit it on the big screen.

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  • El Topo

    El Topo


    The New York Times contacted me today for background about my review of El Topo that was published in the L.A. Free Press on April 23, 1971. They provided me with a scan of the article, and I'm reposting it here. Maybe 43 years later its verbiage is a little embarrassing; but I stand by what I wrote back then. How often do we get an opportunity to view what we thought about films through the prism of the far…

  • Joy



    David O. Russell's popularity and reputation for enlightened whimsy eludes me. I can't blame the actors in what has become his "stock company" for my dislike of this film. Rather it must be Russell's mechanistic, by-the-numbers script filled with neurotic characters acting nonsensically. I know I'm out of step with audiences here; so forget that I ever tried to review this film.