11:55 ★★★½

At the start of this well written and involving American indie film, Nelson (Victor Almanzar) is a marine sergeant, just returned home to the small town barrio of Holyoak, MA from serving in Iraq. Turns out he originally enlisted to escape the consequences of an Hispanic gangland self-defense shooting. But upon his return, he discovers that the past, in the form of his victim's brother, is coming for him on the 11:55PM bus bent on vengeance. His friends and former gang members refuse to come to his aid (except for a wheel-chair riding former marine buddy played by the always reliable John Leguizamo.)

I believe that the film sets out to be an updated version of the famous 1952 Gary Cooper western High Noon (seems to me that the 11:55 title and constant use of clocks to show the same-day passage of time are clear references.) However, the film makers were intent on subverting the usual western genre tropes, mainly the inevitable shoot-em-out. That was the factor that raised this well acted film to semi-classic status.